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Hi Mummies, does your baby likes to sleep on their tummy?. My 3mth baby has recently been sleeping on her tummy for naps & also at night. I will put her on her back but she will immediately roll over & cry if I change her position. I'm worried as I read babies are not to sleep on tummy. What should I do?

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I couldn’t get my LO to stop turning too.. so I trained her to be able to push herself up and adjust her position. Also watched her like a hawk on the baby monitor initially to ensure that she was breathing well and that her nose was not blocked. I cleared everything out of her bed including cot bumpers to prevent suffocation. She did well and was safe. Currently almost 10 months and still likes sleeping on her tummy. Haha. I don’t take her safety for granted but she’s very strong now and always positions her head well on her own so I’m less worried now

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My baby used to be like this too. I gave him lot tummy time so that he can learn how to lift up his head and turn when necessary. we also increase the fan speed to make sure the sleeping area is well ventilated and he don't suffocate

there a pillow in shopee to prevent them from rolling. put under their stomach will be fine. try searching anti roll pillow

all 3 kids slept on tummy since birth (though not recommended 😝), will check every half hr. find that when they sleep on their tummy they sleep longer without e startle reflex.


Mine does