Mommies.... How do you survive the month with no direct fan blowing towards you during confinement? We have no aircon at home & I am already feeling the crazy heat even before popping.. Plus, my mom insist on wearing long pants during confinement. ?

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Super Mum

You can try to convince your mum and ask her to let you wear socks or indoor slippers instead of the long pants. Can you shower during confinement? If you can then it's not so bad. I used the confinement herbs and bathe.

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Im surviving now but u will b so busy to even do ur personal stuff therefore i think time gonna pass very fast as I thought i cant survive too but thinking now I result lazy to even shower just wan more time for baby


Have fan blowing against the wall and not directly at you. No point wearing Long sleeves and long pants in this crazy heat. Another option, use aircon

Maybe try convincing her to wear socks instead of Long pants?

Can get a portqble aircon from courts.. prixe around 500

Get a small portable aircond. As no no to fan

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How about a portable aircon?

Maybe the cooling mat helps


Wear socks.. 😁