How strict are you to follow confinement rule?

Hi Mommies, understand that during confinement we are supposed to avoid bathing, fan blowing directly on you, wearing long pant and sleeve, no plain water but red date logan tea. Do you really follow the rules? :( I was not allow to bath during my confinement...

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me very strict confinement rule except my top is t-shirt cos too warm. no showering only wipes with rice wine daily till 2nd week of confinement. I had water only when taking supplements or medicine but is very warm water half a cup. I never regret sticking to rule I have seen too many cases around me having aches after birth 3 to 5 years time. all of them just shower like daily or every other day.

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My wife followed except bathe. I bought Chinese herbs which in packet form and put it into the kettle to boil. Once boiled, I poured the water into a tub which already filled with another kettle of hot water for her to scoop to bathe. I also added some cold water to bring down the water temperature so that is comfortable for her to bathe.

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I seek TCM advise as My bb coming soon. I’m having confinement food Longan red dates tea as usual. Then for bathing, TCM advise use herbal bath so can recover faster n u can bath also. Hair wise.. she say if not so fast oily can wash 2-3 days once.. n blow dry. No need to worry so much

I only follow on logan red date n nutritious food. hygiene is important so must bath once a day with herbal bath m wash hair every few days. weather too hot so I on fan n aircon

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Didn’t do strict confinement. I’m fine 😁 Not showering is rubbish TBH. Hygiene is critical.

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I followed none. Was happy and still healthy.


not really following

I had none too (: