During confinement, I heard that cannot have fan directly blowing at me. but my house all is ceiling fan.... how? ?

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I did my own research online. Aparrantly the chilled wind you should avoid is from outside, where it can turn from summer to autumn or from warm to stormy cold almost instantaneously. I closed windows, turn on AC at night or standing/wall low fan speed, showered everyday, wait for skin pores to "close", no ache or sickness issues.

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Then buy some standing fan and stay away from direct fan blowing at you. Another option: turn on the aircon

Maybe can cover yrself with blanket? So its not directly to skin Haha idk my house also all fan😂😂

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I think its fine if nt directly onto u. But again. It depends on hw strict is yr confinement. 😊

On AC! Consistent wind blowing to you is very bad during confinement, try your best to siam haha

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Hi... ceiling fan is ok if you’re not standing right under it...

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On aircon instead? Or sit further away from your ceiling fan?

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Wear long sleeve n long pant with slipper?

Buy a standing fan, or wear long sleeve?

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Hmmm.. try to cover as much as possible.