Is it ok to have fan blowing at me during confinement since there is no aircon at home? Must we really also wear long sleeves and pants at home under this hot weather? Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

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Not necessarily need to wear long shirt and pants in this ridiculous hot weather. Instead of fan blowing straight continuously, you can let it turn. If you feel the "coldness" or "numbness" with the fan, you have to stop using fan. Actually during my confinement, I felt fan is doing more harm than aircond. The wind from fan really can make me feel sick.

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It is up to individual to believe, after all they are just myths! I did not wear long sleeves or long pants as it was way too hot during my confinement period. If you have elders around, maybe you can let the fan blow around instead of blowing straight at you.

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Ceiling fan no choice bah. But if standing fan, better to let it swing not good to have direct for both mummy and baby.

I used AC.. ;P Whole day~

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Better not


I didn't believe a lot the confinement, but my personal experience can tell you to DON'T blow directly at you! I had it blowing the other direction and, in my opinion, you don't need long sleeves...