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Hi experienced mummies! May I ask what is good for wearing at home during confinement month? I thought I read somewhere that we must not be exposed to wind, and therefore should always be in long sleeves and long pants. But was that really what you wore the whole month in our hot and humid weather? What would you recommend? I'm also afraid of wearing pants in case of c-sec. Like the waistband may touch the wound. 😔 Pls let me know so I can start getting ready my confinement homewear. My current homewear consist mainly of sleeveless tops, shorts, a few short-sleeved tops. No long sleeved top and bottoms. Thanks in advance! #1stimemom

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I cldn't stand the heat so I just wore shorts and sleeveless shirt during confinement, much to my mom's despair 😅 But I avoid using the aircon and used fan instead. I had c-sect too and so far no issues of wearing pants as my wound healed fast, hardly any visible line seen at 1.5 months now. U can try wearing bigger sized pants with the waist band sitting way above ur belly button. Suggest to wear belly binder so that u can wear shorts comfortably. I started wearing it 1 wk after when my gynae said my csect wound was healing well.

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I'm currently at 17 days post partum and a mum of 5. I only wore shirt, long pants and socks for the first 2 weeks and also sleep with fan on no. 1. Now I'm starting to sweat alot so I only wore home dress & shorts inside so I can breastfeed baby w/o exposing my bottom and still wearing socks. My baby also starts to sweat so we both sleep with fan on no. 2 or 3. Depends sometimes I on the a/c also cos now the weather is super warm but remember to drink lots of water. So far I've no issues with body pain whatsoever unless I strain myself.

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Short sleeves and my home dress is either sleeveless or short sleeves and length until my knee.