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Work Out
When is the best time to start workout after 44days of confinement?
If you feel it's right
Hi, If you feel that your body is ready then may be you can start with light exercise like Brisk walking, yoga etc.
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Can start light exercise if you body ready...
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You can start slowly after that, brisk walking etc
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Hi... when your body is ready and please start with light exercises such as jogging or swimming
Trouble sleeping.
I’m 37 weeks++ pregnant and I have trouble sleeping i would stay up all night till I get tired idk why???? I try to fall asleep but I can’t.
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Try to relax yourself.
Eat something before u go to bed. Helps with sleeping for me
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Are you too anxious on the baby's arrival? Maybe can try drinking warm milk to help ease yourself.
Body Changes
Hi Moms. Im currently 35weeks. Started to sweat alot even after many times of shower. My inner thigh, neck & any part of my body start to itch even after shower. Is this normal due to changes of our b
I'm only in week 32 and I'm sweating like nobody's business even in air con room!
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I feel you. I’ve been sweating so much more now.
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You may want to put bio oil
Yes it’s normal but keep clean and try not to scratch How about powder Spraying deodorant inner thigh and neck helps
Yes it's normal due to hormonal changes. that's good that you're avoiding scratching!
Selamat Hari Raya!
Thank God, this year will be our 4th & last Year of celebrating Raya as a Husband & Wife cause counting down for our 1st born baby girl to popout in 7weeks time! Insyaa Allah Raya 2020 will be our 1st
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Congratulations 🍾🎈
Yay! Congrats!
Same here mine is 11 more week to pop! Mini family of 3 in 2020 :) Congratulations and have a smooth sailing journey for your family!
Congrats!! Selamat hari raya! 🎉🎉
Congratulations and Selamat Hari Raya to you! :)
31weeks 5days already and next week will be my 4th time for gender scan because my Baby doesn't want to show his/her gender.. Keep on closing his/her legs.. 😂.. 1st Baby due in July.. Any Tips Mummie
I did a blood test along with my oscar test that show the result!
A caffeine Person
I stop coffee since at 5weeks. Now im 31weeks & usually drink pokka brand ( u named it). Very rare moment will order morning BF at mcd wth ice latte. As for now, sugar lvl all normal. Every single che
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Me! I cut caffeine thoroughly for my first one but I'm finding it very difficult to cut for my second. So I usually order decaf to trick myself. But on difficult days (especially when my toddler is fu