phobia of birth

Hey mamas, How long did u mamas get over the phobia of giving birth? I have a boy and i really want a girl next but the thought of all the pain, just a turn off and turns to a phobia. The contraction pain, the v tear, the stiching, the after pain of swollen private parts.

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I got over it as soon as everthing has healed properly. I share the same sentiments as the other mothers here, the joy of seeing the child bring so much happiness trumps over the temporary pain.

Hi, I can understand your pain and worry but think of the positive things like having a complete family. Kids playing together and having a good time :) No better feeling than that

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It’s just a short period of time as compare to seeing your baby smiling. I think this will let you forget all the pain.

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I have this phobia too... and told my husband, probably we will only have 1 kid (': but I'm too hoping to have a girl next time!

3y ago

Same here! ☹️

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Focus on the good stuff like watching them grow up heathy and happy(:

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Jus thinkin that u will get to see ur LO growing up (:

Im worried the exact same thing as you...

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4 years

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There are many pain management options these days. I think I can understand your phobia but the experience is priceless. Giving your 1st born a sibling is one of the greatest gift too. I am sure you have your support from your family. Talk to your husband about it too.