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short getaway
Going for a short getaway to jb for 3 days when bby is 2mths plus. He uses atleast 10-12 diapers a day (24hrs) as he change diapers every 3 hrs. Should i buy diapers at jb or should i bring from ho
I will bring some diaper and buy from Jb, so that you will not need to bring so many things. I will prepare about 6 outing clothes and 3 pajamas, just in case.
nursing tee
Any one knows whr to get nursing tee /top. Other than JEC?
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Dearcollective has nice outfits too.
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Dear collective Happy maternity Bove Mothercare Qoo10
heart ache mummy
I just spilled my breastmilk And it's freshly pressed 😭
Oh dear... it’s ok it happens to everyone ... don’t blame yourself
Awww.. totally feel you! Just be more careful next time :)
Aww just be careful next time!
Aww it happens!
Hugs!! Just be careful next time!
newborn boys clothes
We are going to have a bby shower in 3-4 weeks time. Am wondering of any retail shops that sells really nice bby boy clothes other than cotton on, fox kids, mothercare and online. Would prefer ret
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Hi, do you want to try cloth diapers?
Can check out Zara, Uniqlo and H&M These are my favourite places to get kids clothings
Carter's -- so far only saw 1 at Jewel (if you live in the east can consider) United Sq at Novena has alot of kids' clothings :)
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Levi’s Kids, baby osh gosh
post natal emotions
Apparently, my 20 days old bby cried murder the whole night yesterday. Im a ftm. My mum help me with my confinment and take care of bby in the day time and go back home when hub reaches home at 7.30
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I haven't even hit 20 days and I've been overwhelmed many times already. But don't ever feel like you're not good enough. You're getting to know and understand your baby's cries and wants, and that ta
Hugs mummy! It's a phase. I went through that as well. It's a period where both you and baby are figuring each other out. Don't worry as it shall pass! Jiayou!
It can be witching hours where new born is just unsettled from 5pm to 11pm with no apparent reason. I know itnis very annoying even i went thru during the 2nd time ard. When my confinement nanny was a
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Most mums go through that , nothing to do with us not being good enough, big hugs! It does get better as they grow older. It's good that you have some help for now.
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed but we are not alone. Many mummies can face that
Its so sad that ever since this haze my 19 days old bby have been coughing even with the purifier on.
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The haze is really bad, I am on aircon as much as I can and you did what you can already, hope baby GWS.
Close windows and on air con. Will be better that way
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Close windows or just leave a small gap. Switch on fan or aircon and make sure room is ventilated
Move further away from the window then. Room should be well ventilated
Close all the windows pls.
bottle brands
What bottle brands other than NUK has these types of teats? Or is it only NUK? Looking for other bottles for bby as avents natural teat flows for nb seems too fast and lo doesnt suck on avent classic
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diapers recommendations
I tried a few diapers for my nb, 18 days new now and abt 3+kg . Need some recommendations for diapers. Merries : smells bad after 1-2hrs and light pee. Intend to expand a lot. So have to change way
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Try peekapoo. I’m abit sceptical about t initially. Alot of mix review for this diaper. But well, it works better than our current famous brand
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Dryper touch
Try drypers touch or higgies platinum
increase breastmilk
Im 2 wks pp. First week and a half, i latch on demand and gives formula. For the past few days, bby developed phlegm so i only latch and don't give formula. On top of direct latch, i pump 3 times a
Aside from latching and pumping, try to add green leafy vegies and fish in your diet. Drink milo with oats too. 😊
After each direct latch, continue with pumping for at least 15 mins.. at the beginning you won't see much but it's ok.. after a few days or up to 1 weeks, you will see the difference
After baby done latching I continued with pumping Breast milk is really a demand = supply The more the body thinks milk is demanded The more supply it will generate So by pumping after latching Bo
wet wipes
Any wet wipes to recommend ? That is affordable, thick, can be use for hands and face ? Currently using hayanbom but pretty pricey.
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Jeju wipes from qoo10
Hi, I would recommend Pigeon
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