Baby skin peeling

My LO is 4.5 mths, and her skin on her body seems to be peeling. Not sure if it’s because it’s dry and need to be moisturized more often during the day? Before this peeling started, it seemed like she was having some sort of heat rash.. Anyone faced the same thing? What did u do?

Baby skin peeling
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It is best to check with your baby's PD. At the same time, you may wish to switch your baby's cleanser and shampoo. Look for products that are sulphate free, fragrance free, paraben free and contains no methylisothiazolinone. You may also wish to moisturise more often and with a moisturiser that is formulated for babies with really dry skin.

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Oh dear, it doesn't look good. You have to try different brands of moisturiser and find one that suits her skin. Im using cetaphil. Bring her to dr to ask isit normal? Coz its quite red I hope she doesn't feel irritated

My girl has senstive skin. Also had rashes on belly and face. Tried multiple lotions but Eucerin Ato Control lotion works best for her. Low in ceramide which may cause redness. Can be applied on face too.

Please visit the PD to check first. If everything is alright, apply baby lotion on her whole body every day.

Hi, Please keep applying moisturiser to the baby's skin and consult the PD asap

Apply moisturiser. Seems like it’s too dry. Or can visit PD to get the cream

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It's not just peeling skin but redness as well. Better to get it checked out

Please see pd as i dont think is normal as baby is already 4.5months

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Better bring her to see a doctor. Hope everything is fine for her.

try coconut oil and moisturizing it. But obviously ask a doc