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Teachers Day Gift

What are the most creative and value for money gifts you have gifted your teachers/ children's teachers/ received yourself as a teacher. Previously I gave homemade, sugar scrub, stationeries and hand
Balloon flowers! I thought those were always a nice touch w a simple card!
Handmade card
Hi, I gave my teachers handmade cards :)
Personalised coaster
As a parent, I usually give apples for each teacher, or a fruit basket for the school. As a teacher, I'd prefer to receive stationery, or a simple handmade card.

Tuition For Secondary NT Students

Do you think it's necessary for students in NT to have tuition, since it's so scarce that not much tuition center have class cater to NT. If you think it's important, do you have any recommendations
Hi, It totally depends on the learning attitude of the child as well. I would suggest talk to the school teachers first about your child's performance and then best to decide
I used to give math tuition. And I feel it also depends on the student’s attitude. If he is willing to learn, can first approach school teachers for help. Then look for tuition. It is possible for a N