Very dry skin

Hi I’m 13 weeks preggy. Experiencing very dry and peeling skin. Do anyone have any suggestion of cream to apply or anyone have the same experience?

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Hi, I experience the same dry skin on the back of my neck and chin area. Suddenly became dry, flasky and even turn darker. I used Cerave daily moistuizing lotion after reading some reviews (can use on face and body). After one week of daily applying and apply as and when, it got so much better. Now my skin is back to normal and I still continue using the lotion.

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I using this cream, recommend by pharmacist. can be use for whole body and face too. first two weeks my skin got a mild peeling, dead skin remove. and then my skin look so healthy.

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i did. mine is at corners of lips, t zone and round nose. i just use mild cleanser( warda brand ) moisturizer (neutrogena ) to keep them moist and not flaky

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Same as me! Mine mainly on cheeks, nose and forehead. I’m trying out the neutrogena hydroboost water gel and it’s currently doing justice to my skin

the moms co. products are also good...I am using their natural strech oil and natural body butter

Except using cream or lotion, try to shower with normal temperature water! And add more healthy oil in diet.

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Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion. I liked it a lot. And the smell was so good too. Haha

Hi, Im a first time mom, i just want to ask if it is normal to experience lower back pain (balakang)?

Same experience, I'm using clarins. Although is expensive but their cream is really good.


I use rosken daily, works for your whole body. & I use Vaseline for my capped lips.

try QV wash and cetaphil cream. it works for me during my final week of pregnancy.