Peeling & Itchy Scalp

My baby scalp skin peeling like dandruft and she keep scratching her head. Her scalp bleed abit from the scratch. What should I apply on her scalp? Currently I apply Johnson baby oil but she still scratch.

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Is it cradle cap? If it is, best to use olive oil that you can buy off the shelf at Watson or guardians. Less then $10. Apply everyday before show , massage it in for 5 to 15 mins then rise off


This is cradle cap. It's quite common in babies. The basic remedy is to apply baby oil or any other super gentle oil and brush your baby's scalp with a gentle brush.

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Just out coconut oil on baby head . N eventually the cradle cap will be gone. Nothing serious. Dont worry


Best to check with your pediatrician since baby has been scratching and bleeding has happened.

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Can try and apply some cream, best to get it from the pediatrician

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Hi... try applying natural oil such as coconut or olive oil

Or you can try abit of breast milk to see if it helps?