baby's skin on neck peeling

Baby's skin on neck seemed to be peeling ? What could had caused it and how to treat it?

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dont peel. just air dry and pat gently to dry. my baby had this before on her neck bc my hubby didnt wipe her properly afte bathe. after that, i make sure shes wiped thoroughly and i put baby powder

4y ago

I see! Thank you! Our nanny said she didnt even realised this, should had check more frequently :(

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Babies tend to develop rashes under the folds of their skin...just keep it clean and they grow it will less of an occurrence


Ur baby's skin look dry. Try applying moisturizer dear. It will definitely help

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Dry skin? Does baby sleep in an air con room? Please apply moisturiser:)

4y ago

Okay! Thank you!

Moisturizer will help

could be friction

how old is your baby?

4y ago

my lo skin peeled too during the first 3weeks, i was told that it was just them shedding their newborn skin to make “tougher” skin. just apply moisturiser & avoid peeling it or scrubbing their skin, u can try gently rubbing it off during baths but ultimately just leave it