Baby skin peeling

My LO is 4.5 mths, and her skin on her body seems to be peeling. Not sure if it’s because it’s dry and need to be moisturized more often during the day? Before this peeling started, it seemed like she was having some sort of heat rash.. Anyone faced the same thing? What did u do?

Baby skin peeling
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Used aloe Vera or moisturizer cream. For baby is common.

I think better to see pd to get professional advice..

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Moisturised after every shower

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better to bring her to the pd

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Best to consult the PD.

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Try apply aloe vera

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Best to see the pd

Best to see the PD

See the PD


I think it's quite normal for most babies. I tried a few lotion. What works best for me is alobaby. I applied during the day after her shower and at night after I clean her up too.