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Last antenatal check up at the KK, my doc didn't gave me any supplements although my Hb is a little bit low (11.6).. Do i need to buy zinkofer or iberet by myself? I'm now 15 weeks.

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u can actually request from them. sometimes they just far as i know,u should consult a doctor before taking any supplements or medicine. and it should be written in the pink book for their reference if anything were to happen to u or ur baby. so its still best to ask from them.afterall,its free.😅 maybe for now just eat iron rich foods like sayur hijau(bayam),organ haiwan(hati ayam) and all. and do have a gap between ur iron intake and calcium atleast 2hours apart and take iron with vitamin c or buah2an so its faster absorption.they should provide enough stock till ur next visit. if its finish or going to finish, just ask from ur nurse.they will provide for u.

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Kalau below 11 tu baru KK ni considers macam low stage and provide you with whatever supplements to help boost up your Hb level. Biasa nya yg 4 types of meds (acid folic, vit C, vit B & Iron tablets) .. next round you minta laa advise nurse & docs to request ubat2 tu. Mcm i.. I secretly buy iberet and i consume iberet twice daily. Morning & nighttime before sleep. But I’ve consults my other docs friends laa. They said.. some people tak boleh telan the all 4 meds. But iberet yg sebiji tu consist of all 4 med benefits. Senang telan sekali sajorr

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11 tu dah okay dah.. under 10 baru bahaya.. tp kalau nak makan jugak, boleh jer.. no biggie 😊😊

Eh sepatutnya KK bekalkan suppliment at least obimin.. better u ask them