Pregnancy without husband

Hi everyone, I just need some advice..I'm in my 11 husband live miles away from me since we are not married and recently his company demands him to work in another country for sometime (few months) probably until almost my delivery date..I can't believe this is happening to me right now, I've been struggled for years alone to make all things happen so perfect including the preparation of the engagement and the wedding and also now I need to go this pregnancy alone? I live with my parent but still I need my husband..I get so emotional and jealous of other pregnant woman who went to do a check up together with their husband..I'm so dissapointed and stressful, I cried everyday that I'm afraid it'll affect my baby..what should I do?

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we r in the same boat. I mean LDR during our pregnancy - 1st baby.. He is working far away just after 2 months and half of our wedding. and at my early stage of pregnancy, i always cry. yeah.. since I know I need to do everything by myself. when it comes to 2nd trim, baby starts kicking. i burst into tears again. How i wish my hubby can feel his baby 1st kick too. not to mention when i need to go for monthly check up all by myself. and during my 3rd trim, I gotfever, nose bleed, n flu. mostly those pain i felt during pregnancy I keep it to myself. Now, im on my 36 weeks. how to be strong? well, communication is the key. atleast those vcalls, chats n pcall can release ur stress. talk to somebody, spend time outdoor and rest a lot.. u r not alone btw.. still got parents. appreciate their existence too. they love to meet their grandchild too.. keep calm dear mami. i really knownhow it feel.

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5y ago

no big thing mami. we r preggers btw. man cant understand us. hahahaha.. have a nice 9 months journey too.. 💗💗..

No need to be stressful. You have to stand with your own foot. Me either long distance relationship with 2nd pregnancy now..Only after 2 month can met with my husband. Im just think positive. Pray a lot and do somting to destract ur moody.

Be strng momie... 🙏🙏🙏