Hi my dear friends, does anyone have any idea what's the problem on my sons skin??? I'm very worried. Do I need to see a paediatric doc??

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If I am not wrong, it could be due to Eczema. My toddler has eczema too. It looks like a flare which is just beginning to come up or the aftereffect. Normally for my boy, it feels rough and appears to have tiny dots (not always) . At times it is slightly red too. Also look out for redness or if he starts scratching. It is normally due to an allergic reaction. Try to observe and see if it gets better over time. Meanwhile, you can try applying moisturisers such as cetaphil, QV. More often then not, the skin will need to be kept hydrated. If it does not go away, or gets worst please take him to the PD.

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Looks like dry skin -- have you tried applying some moisturiser and see if it goes away? If baby shows discomfort or the dryness continues in the next couple of days, you can consider taking baby to the doctor. But try moisturising first... Like Share Reply