Hi my dear friends, does anyone have any idea what's the problem on my sons skin??? I'm very worried. Do I need to see a paediatric doc??

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It looks like a case of eczema flare. Try applying moisturiser such as Cetaphil, QV, Ezerra to keep his skin hydrated. In more serious cases steroid will be prescribed to contain the flare. Otherwise it may also be a case of allergic reaction or rash. My toddlers has servere eczema, thus it looks pretty similar to my boys skin when there is an ongoing flare. Try keeping the skin hydrated. Monitor to see if there is any redness and if he tries to scratch. If it doesnt get better within the next couple of days please do take him to the PD.

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Looks like dry skin -- have you tried applying some moisturiser and see if it goes away? If baby shows discomfort or the dryness continues in the next couple of days, you can consider taking baby to the doctor. But try moisturising first...

Thank q. Will try moisturising. Baby does not show any signs of discomfort.