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FM : Enfagrow A+ OR Nestle Nan Ha 1
Which one is better? Any suggestion/ experience/ review from mummies ???
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Nestle Nan 🙌🏼 Closer to breastmilk
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I gave enfagrow once tp baby taknak. So try packets dulu sbb both quite pricey
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Both good tp dulu I bg nan sbb nan paling kurang gula.
Jaundice- mix feeding. What’s best formula milk ?
My baby has lil bit jaundice and currently i have to mix feeding him. Since he needs to be fed every an hour or two. What’s your suggestions on best formula milk which helps to reduce jaundice??
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Karrihome’s goat milk
keep breastfeeding , this my baby jaundice result ,
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Susu kambing karihome
i use similac 1. i also mix feeding my boy because my breast is not producing enough milk for him. so far no problem with the baby. jaundice reduced from 15 to below 5 within 25 days.
fresh goat milk
BabyH 03.03.2019
Safely delivered my first newborn 👶🏼 babyH on 03.03.2019 early than EDD.
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congrats 😍
Congrats and enjoy your confinement day
congrats sehat selalu
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congratulations! hope all is well.
Cuti bersalin awal...
I’m on my 37w and my Braxton Hicks are veryyy frequents these days.... tidur baring duduk jalan semua dah rasa sakit. I think because my babyH is now pushing and stay in between my pelvic so I cepat r
sangat disarankan tuk berehat sbb 37 above mmg xleh nak tolerate. sy since 37 weeks mmg perlu byk rehat. bby mngeras pn sbb kita ni bgerak aktif sgt. tp once dah x buat apa2, bosan pulak. hehe.. tp xp
Baby Wipes..
What’s the baby wipes for newborns ? Any idea/suggestions from experience mummy??
I use pigeon brand really good
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i like Applecrumby & Fish wipes as they are not "soapy" as some wipes. they use natural ingredients. they are wide and thick too. cos I used the same wipes for hand & face as well so I kind of picky
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Hi Deela!! Jumpa sini pulak. You can use any baby wipes as long they are for babies. Bkn tisu basah biasa lap tgn tu. Tp balik rumah make sure basuh pakai air/mandikan.
I’m on my 30w pregnancy (starting my 3rd tri) my first baby. and i am so worried , have so many things in my mind. Honestly.. it’s somehow stress me out.
Alhamdulillah.. Gudluck sis.. N don't worried.. Everything will be ok... Just push teran.. Like want to popo.. 'birak'