Hello, im just curious as to know why people usually says is better to drink coconut water during 3rd trimester onward? Like whats the benefits? Like can easily delivered? Or?

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I heard so too, so that baby skin will be cleaner. But have not heard about help in easy delivery. Not sure true or not but so far all pregnant mom around me practice the same in 3rd trimester. And the coconut has to be those normal coconut, not the Thai coconut.

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I see OK thanks

I just read an article, it says mum who drinks coconut water during 3rd tri, baby will be free from flaky skin, ezcema and acne problem. If you notice, many mummy on this platform has asked about their baby having acne and flaky skin problem

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Baby will come out clean if u start drinking from beginning of final trimester but must drink from fresh green coconut water. I drank twice every week until delivery.

From what I heard from my elders, is for baby to come out 'cleanly' and skin looking fairer. Up to individuals' belief!

I think they say can wash off the vernix (white stuff on baby) so baby can come out “cleaner” 🤗

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I drank twice a week 2-3weeks before delivery, baby really turned out very clean

baby will come.out more clean

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Baby will come out clean