Amazing benefits of coconut water during pregnancy

Did you know coconut water has so many health benefits like treating heartburn and fighting infection? Read more here:

Amazing benefits of coconut water during pregnancy
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Wow that's really good to know! Since old folks would usually says that coconut is too cooling

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Wow good to know there’s so many benefits of coconut water cause I love it!


Oh wow! Probably why there was always a long queue at Mr Coconut 😅

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Thanks for the article 🤩 I can show this article to my husband..

i was warned by Mil that i can only take coconut whenni am abt to deliver

3y ago

i got the same advice too -_-

Do you guys drink fresh coconut or the UHT packs are ok?

3y ago

@ES better drink fresh coconut

Yes. i did drink it while pregnant previously

19 weeks can I start drinking coconut water

Good to know! It’s my fav!

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My favourite drink 😍