coconut water in third trimester

When do u start drinking coconut water in third trimester? At what frequency do u drink? If I've mild GD, can I still drink? Do we eat the flesh also? Do we drink at room temperature or can be cold?

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Super Mum

I drank cold coconut water for fun in my 3rd trimester. Just the water from the ready to drink packs. It doesn’t help make the delivery smoother or the water clearer. So if you have GD, I would advise against it because it’s quite sweet.

Super Mum

Drink at room temperature. Go for fresh coconut water. Eat it with the coconut flesh, as it is considered heaty to balance the cooling nature of coconut water, from TCM perspective. Best to start drinking from beginning of third trimester.

Best to drink it at room temperature. Can drink from final trimester once or twice weekly with the coconut flesh

I drank cold one with flesh almost everyday in my last one or two months. Baby came out clean!

Super Mum

I drink twice a week from beginning of final trimester onwards.

Fresh chilled coconut water twice a week, from 30weeks onward

Drink in moderation. I do drink and eat the flesh in cold