Coconut water

Hello mummies, how often can I drink coconut water during my third trimester ?

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It depends how well your body can take it as well. For me, I had leg cramps upon drinking coconut water as it was too cooling for me so was advised not to.

10mo ago

drinking cool water doesnt affect the baby, because it passes thru stomach first and adhere the body temp

Im drinking it almost everyday.. Diko lng sure maybe dehydrated ako pero i want it narerelieve po ang sobrang uhaw ko.

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Once to twice per week until delivery. Go for fresh coconut water instead of canned ones.

Drink when i need to drink not often because i need to control my sugar intake too

You don’t actually need to drink it. There no scientific benefits

Twice a week max. It has to be from the fresh coconut


1 or 2 once a week. must be green fresh coconut.

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I took once a week during my pregnancy

Twice a week. Young green coconuts

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Once/twice a week nearing EDD