How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

I am overweight and only in 20 weeks. So far I already gained 8kg since finding out I'm pregnant. Am I gaining too much and too fast for my week? I want to lose weight safely without affecting my baby.

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Hi, the average weight gain for a complete pregnancy is about 10-14kgs. I don't think it's advisable to loose weight now but you need to watch your diet, control your sugar & carbo intake. I used the link below to monitor my weight gain. Hope it helps you as a guide too.

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Got to calculate your in take calories per day. By right you should be increasing your calories by only 200calories more when u are in 2nd and 3rd trimester.. Your weight won't suddenly gaining too much unless you really eat too much? I actually calculated my calories intake when I was pregnant cos I'm too afraid to loss the excess after cos its really too difficult.

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I'm also overweight, gained about 2kg. 19 weeks now. Doctor says not to take too much sugar and carbs. I have enough reserves 😂 But i do take sweet food, just try to control.

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Im also overweight and i gain mire than 15kg. My gynae didnt say anything. Most importantly is your baby gaining weight and growing healthily. 😀

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Don’t worry.. it’s quite common to gain Weight .. u can reduce after delivery so don’t worry abt it just njoy the phase .. tc


I gained 22kg baby came out at 36 weeks weighing 3.2kg. So i guess yours is ok if you have any issue check with your gynae.

I think is quite common to gain 8kg at 20 weeks.. just check with ur gynae is it fine based on your weight

Its common to gain weight! I gained close to 15kg during pregnancy. Just try to cut down on the sugar :)

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Must see how overweight you are before pregnancy to see if 8kg is ok at 20 weeks.

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Your gynae should be able to advise you on weight issues.