How to lose weight during pregnancy?

Hi all, first time mum here! I’m only going 5 weeks pregnant. Am overweight with quite abit of tummy fats. Can I know how mummies here lose weight/tummy fats to stay healthier for your baby? Other than diet, any exercise good and safe to be done? Thanks in advance! #advicepls #pregnancy

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This is not a good time to limit your nutrition intake. But for the sake of reducing your chance of getting Gestational Diabetes or other complications which has higher chance to get when you’re overweight, you can try Low GI diet. The key is to eat everything Low GI but not to starve yourself. You are free to eat what you want as long as it does not contain sugar or at least Low GI. Fructose is fine, but only limited to certain Low GI fruits such as berries, Kiwi, Apple. For the carbs, you can only take Korean buckwheat noodle, Japanese soba (also made of buckwheat), brown rice, wholemeal pasta, multigrain/wholemeal bread (gardenia wholemeal Low GI is great). For the spread you can’t take any commercial jam, unless it’s keto jam. If it’s hard to get keto jam, you can have bread with butter and cheese. Also, watch the nutrition facts label on juices and jams, most of them put “no added sugar” on the label but if you compare the sugar contents it’s actually a lot more compare to normal juice/jam without the “no added sugar” label. I skipped on all supermarket juice. No restriction on meat, so continue to eat high DHA food and protein. For veggie, potato is a big no. You can’t eat anything that grows under soil except for steamed sweet potato. Do not bake/fry your sweet potato as it will caramelised and increase the glycemic index. The rest of veggies are fine. For exercise you can do pregnancy yoga/walk, especially after you had big meal. However it’s not going to significantly burn your fat as it’s low impact. I had rapid weight gain during end of 1str trimester to 2nd trimester (3-4 kg/ mth) and was advised by my gynae to do Low GI diet. I’m still taking Low GI sweetener but my gynae is very strict and does not advise any sweetener as some sweetener might not be Low GI. in total I gained 10 kg from my first to third trimester. I had been encouraged to do this diet when ending my 1st trimester (due to rapid weight gain), however din really stick on it until I was diagnosed with GD somewhere on my 2nd trimester. Don’t repeat my mistake. Good luck on your pregnancy! Ps: If eating brown rice is too much for you and you’re not having GD yet, you can replace the brown rice with basmati rice or mix of basmati rice and thai Hom mali rice (ratio 1:1)

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You shouldn’t attempt to lose weight while pregnant. If you do lose weight due to morning sickness, then that’s different. But never, never attempt to lose weight. It is very dangerous for you and your baby. I was already 100kg before I got pregnant and in my 1st trimester I lost 7kg cause I can’t take white rice. I gained my weight back again gradually like 0.5-1kg every time I went for my appt which was monthly. I’m in my 3rd trimester and I am now 100kg or probably slightly more already. Yeah worried sure, but I will have to work harder to lose all these weight after I give birth by exclusively breastfeeding (they say you can lose a lot of weight through BF) and eat smaller meal portions. I do not have time for exercise even before I was pregnant so I doubt I will have time after. But I will have to make sure I get myself out and about every chance I get when my mother is taking over looking after my baby. Maybe 1hr walk to that dreadful hill few blks away from mine. I mean anything that keeps my heart rate pumping and sweat it all out. As of right now, I am not worried about my weight gain as long as baby is healthy. Just Ensure you take meals in smaller portion multiple times a day instead of bigger meals at one go. Avoid carbs 4hrs before bedtime. Don’t lie down after meals. Drink plenty of water during the day say, 3L or 10-12 glasses hourly. Avoid sugar if you can. It’s the root of most weight problems. You’ll have your Glucose Test when you’re about 25 weeks and they’ll test your sugar level so better make sure you are strict on sugar throughout your whole pregnancy and even after otherwise you can be diagnosed with diabetes which might not go away after birth. This is how I scare myself, lol. Other than that, enjoy your journey cause it’ll be over before you know it. Good luck!

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I’m am plus size FTM! I put on most weight in my first trimester (5kg) - constantly hungry.. Then second trimester, I was constantly puking! I almost can’t eat anything. Whatever I eat, I will puke everything out (weight drop through out the whole 2nd trimester). Hence I break my meals into small portion and try to figure out what is the “thing” that makes me wana puke (it was carbs!) After we found out, i tried my best to avoid carbs and indeed puking was lesser - still do but not as miserable. Third trimester was ok as I’m kinda use to the small meals already, my weight didn’t go up.. on a good note, although weight dropped, baby’s weight increase hence my gynae wasn’t concern at all that I lost weight. Lol.. IMO, I think small meals helps in maintaining the weight and doesn’t make u sick after meal. As for exercise, I think lotsa walking will helps, I wore my Fitbit to track my limit. Nearing to due date, u can try climbing stairs (helps u to “pushhh” easier)..

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Not forgetting, after u give birth, potentially you will lost 5kg (baby and water bag weight)..

You will start to lose weight when morning sickness comes. No appetite to eat at all and all you do is slump on your bed or get up to throw up. But you can try to lose weight safely while pregnant. Eat small portions, eat moderately & often, drink lots of water, avoid all the fatty foods, starchy carbs and eat healthily instead, go for a walk

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Don't worry about losing weight, your tummy fat won't affect baby :). Eat a healthy, well balanced meal for both your and baby's health. Stay away from junk food, instant/fast food, high sugar food like bubble tea. Just listen to what your body feels and don't eat more than what you need but don't make yourself feel hungry either.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to lose weight now as baby need all the nutrient from what you have eaten in order to grow. I would suggest that you choose healthier food to eat and do some light exercise. Can ask your gynae for advice also.

Eat healthy food , u can try keto foods . And drink plenty of water , avoid any sugary drinks .