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Hi mummies! How long did your period came after you gave birth? TIA!
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9 months, when I stop breastfeeding
7m and still BF.
2 months plus
Mine is 2-3 months
One month
soy milk.
Hi mummies. Anyone tried drinking soya milk while breastfeeding? Any allergic reaction or is it not recommended? Tia!
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Nope, no allergies
Hehe thank you all!
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That’s the only dairy I drank as im lactose intolerance but no allergic reaction on LO
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Generally ok, unless you are allergic to it. Each person reacts differently.
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I drank too
Hi mummies! How long for your lil one's jaundice to go away? TIA!
About one week
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A few days
baby's weight
Hi mummies! How heavy is your baby now or when they were born? 😊
Birth at 2.75kg Now 4.5 months at 6.2kg
I had a boy, birth weight 4.76 KG, but that’s not normal. Considered quite big! 🤪 At 7 weeks he was 6.6 KG.
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3mths 5.8kg Nb 3.002kg
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Birth: 3.4kg 8months plus: 11kg
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Gave birth at 36+5 weeks, baby weight 3.2kg. 6 month old weight 7.5kg.
I am at my 6th month and suddenly I am having sinus. It has been days even with the hot weather 😭 Any soon to be mummies facing this? How to feel better? Tried drinking so much of fluid, warm shower
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Air purifier?
Sorry cant help much. If ur sinus is due to pregnancy, it will only goes away after u give birth. Hugs
Vaporub? Did you try?
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Use air filter
Is ur room very dusty? Maybe clean up ur room
Which insurance company sells the best pregnancy policy?
Try on AIA
Depend u wan a standalone plan
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You can try Aviva
Any mummies here went from public hosp to private for delivery?
I wouldn’t recommend. KKH takes damn long to process your medical reports to get it transfer to wherever you want to go. I wanted to do elective c sect at wk 39, I informed KKH at week 33. (Mt A) onl
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Yes, it can be done.
water retention
Hi mummies! When did you get your water retention?
Im in my last tri & no water retention.
Thank you all :)
I dun have any water retention.
Last tri
Usually 3rd tri. But im in my 35 weeks and still dont have water retention. So possibly individual?
Boy or girl?
What are the tell tale signs that you mummies believe in to guess if it is a baby girl or boy? I am still active, no morn sickness. Still able to go to work and no picky for food. Some say by looking
If you have nausea post first trimester, then girl, else boy :)
HI GUYS! An update: ITS A BOY! 🤪
Hii.. I have morning sickness from 4 week until 12 week. I also like to eat meat... And my baby is boy. 😊
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Mine will be revealed next week too! Feeling excited! 😀
I was the same. No symptoms throughout except growing tummy. As predicted, I'm having a boy! :)
Hi mummies. Anyone got recommendation on how to stop leaks from breasts? Any recommended pads maybe? TIA!
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Pls dont pump or do anything to your boobs cos you r still pregnant and it may trigger contractions!
At 22 weeks and also experiencing white liquid leaks from my left side. Got quite shocked at first as also a first time mummy here. 😅
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At home, you can use haaka and you may use a shell shield when you are outside. Because every drop is gold, I will collect them instead of stopping.
Pigeon breast pads Homeycomb is good You may like to hand express or pump out when it’s leaking/milk let down