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Cerclage removal & baby delivered
Mummies who did cerclage during your pregnancy - I would like to know at how many weeks was your cerclage removed & baby born?
Nursing mothers take ginger during confiment?
Nursing mothers, do you take Ginger or food cook with ginger during your confinement period?
Yes, used in food!
I had it for few days then stopped cause my baby got jaundice
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Yes, I did
Yes, especially for my first born. My dad would always add ginger in everything he cooked for me. No issues so far.
Young Coconut or Green Coconut?
Hi pregnant mummies, can I know 1. Do you all drink/eat thai young coconut or those green coconut? What's the difference? 2. I am 31 weeks, is it too early to start? Thank you :)
I heard that should take the big one. Chinese belief to start last 4 weeks to 'clean' baby, not sure what it means, but maybe the white substance on NB skin
I drank both green and Thai coconut, but not so frequent. I drank green coconut when I went back to Indonesia for Christmas holiday and Thai coconut when in Singapore. I think most coconut supply read
Can I use a 1year old bottle for NB?
If I know exactly how much milk to feed my NB, can I use a big bottle (let's say 6mths or 1yr old) with a newborn teats for my NB? Thought of saving on buying so many bottles.. Lol...
Yes. You will have to change the milk bottles every 6 months/ 1year though...
Yes, you may. But washing and bring out will be tiring (this is what I feel) Anyway you may trade in your bottle during baby fair
Bathtub - Foldable or not?
Just a random question. Would parents prefer a normal baby bath tub or those foldable one? I would like to save space but not sure if those foldable ones are durable & worth it?
Normal bathtub is sufficient
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at first 2 months I'm using the tub I got from tmc, then I bought a foldable bathtub after long consideration, no regrets, it's really a space saving as I have no more space anymore to put a bathtub.
Hi, I believe normal bathtub should be better
Normal bathtub.
I would prefer normal bathtub.
Baby head down
Dear mummies, at which week did your baby head went down?
Feeling constant heartbeat in the womb
28weeks pregnant. Occasionally I have this constant 'heartbeat feeling' in my womb. Each time it last for about 10mins. I goggle online the reason is because baby is breathing. Is that true? Any m
Is hiccups.
It’s hiccups
It's baby's hiccups 😊
Baby's hiccupping
I always thought that it could be baby's hiccup.
Breast Pads - Pigeon or Philips?
Hi, first time mum here. Should I go for Pigeon Soft Honeycomb or Philips Avent Ultra Comfort Day & Night?
Pigeon honeycomb!!! And also organic washable nursing pads :)
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Personal experience here.. I didn’t use any of the branded ones, because I go through the pads quite fast. I bought unbranded ones from shopee at $4+ for 50 pairs. They’re thin but soak up milk quite
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Is it true that baby doesn't latch after bottle feed?
Hi mummies. Husband sort of strongly insist that I must always latch my baby in future (Edd Jan 2020 & I know its still early). Being a first time mum, I was trying to explain to him that I need my
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No. My baby was bottle fed till 2nd month before she discovers the beauty of latch. Latching at home and bottle fed in child care from 4th month till now, 16 months.
I latch my baby right from the start but will be introducing the bottle soon as he is going to infantcare. Im also worried about nipple confusion but from what im reading here, babies are smart enough
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Not true. I start to pump and latch during 2nd week after birth. My family will help me bottle feed during the day. And at night I will latch. Now my baby is 7 month old and I'm still doing the same
I feel it doesn't matters as long as the baby gets the milk from the same source. I heard your body wont produce enough milk if you don't eat and rest enough.
Not true
Baby Cot
Seeking mummies opinion. Does baby cot size affect baby or matter to you? Does your LO prefer bigger baby cot? I am in the mid searching for a baby cot and I also realised lots of mummies selling awa
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For my first child, I bought a bigger cot (130x70cm) that grows with the child (convertible type) because it can last her for 6 years (that’s when I plan to get her a bed). For my second child, I got
You may want to buy a playpen instead