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Im going 18th weeks.. how many kg have u all gain? Ive gained close to 5kg. am i gaining too much for 18 weeks? So afraid of not being able to lose weight after giving birth.

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I have gained 8-9kg throughout my pregnancy journey . I eat as per normal. I don’t really snacks sweet stuffs or supper. But I do drink bubble tea n eat fast foods (moderation). Really have to cut down carbs/supper. After birth , if u bf, might feel hungry. Tend to eat more. Depends on individual.

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Have to control your food intake. I’ve gained 3kg for 20 weeks only. Did not lose any during my first trimester. Best is to gain only 1-2kg every month, so should not exceed 15kg at end of 3rd trimester


Hi mummy my pregnancy 36 weeks I gain 22kg. Don't worry so much :)

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I am at 18th weeks and lose 8kg. Havent gain any. Huhu