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I am 19w3d pregnant and I feel like I’m gaining weight too fast and too much. I saw a picture of myself today and burst into tears. Any suggestion that I could lose some weight healthily?

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I put on 20kg after having my first born and 12kg after having my 2nd born. Eventually the weight will drop after you deliver and after your confinement. you can do some breeze walking everyday and you will slowly drop more weight along the way. Don't eat too much carbs or sweet stuff to prevent having high sugar during pregnancy.

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I was 50 before pregnancy and 58 now at 36 weeks. Baby last measured at 35 weeks to be 2.8kg. Just cut down on your carbs - rice, noodles, white bread, pasta, soft buns. go for whole-wheat. anyway your hormones are raging now, maybe your “too fast and too much” was all being too harsh on yourself?

I went from 44KG to 61KG during my pregnancy too… and the worse part is my baby is small, which means I’m the one putting on almost all of the weight 😮‍💨 Don’t worry too much on your weight.. Just go easy on sugar, sodium and high calorie foods. 💪🏻💪🏻

hi mummy! weight gain is very normal for pregnant women :) i was 52.5kg pre pregnancy and was 70.8kg when i gave birth, my baby was quite big :) just try walking 30 mins a day and do gentle exercises if your gynae approves. relax mummy! your body is growing a human being!

please don’t try to lose weight at this point. Eat frequent small meals. Drink more water, eat more of greens, protein, wholegrain foods, cut down on carbs and do more exercise like yoga or walks.

Be kind to yourself. :) I’ve felt exactly the same way but as mentioned, you have a life growing inside you. Can always lose weight thereafter! Hang in there! :)

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Me too! Was 65kg. Now 82kg. Even my doc said I put on a lot of weight. Will have to hit the gym & lose weight after delivery 🤣now worries put aside.

Replace rice items to millets or quinoa, and cut down sugary items and practice regular walk, I am trying, these helping me a lot