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I jus gave birth 8days ago, really need some tips on boosting my milk for my baby ... have been taking lactation cookies but milk supply still very low, 20-40ml per side.... tips and solutions pls

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Nothing really helped for me too.. oats, salmon, durian, fenugreek... I tried almost everything... best advice would be to pump at least 15 mins after every direct latch... at the beginning there won't be milk... after a few days , you will see the difference.. try it! And also, dont stress! Drink more water! Try to rest more.... it will get better!!

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Drink lots of water after latch pump. It works in supply and demand. And when your milk is building up you will feel Engorment pain. Rmb to use hand express and pump it out don't be like me I had Mastitis. It's damn painful.

Drink more water. Try taking dates or oats milk. Avoid fenugreek as it will give baby gas.

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Ask ur CL to cook green papaya fish soup for u. Important is to drink more water as well.

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Drink lots of water. Fish, chickpeas, fenugreek all help to increase milk supply

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Wher can i get fenugreek

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Oats, Brewers yeast, flaxseed help. Try making overnight oat with these

Drink more water, Milo, oats. Eat more salmon. Have good rest

First week only Don’t worry! I think it will get better

Dates (kurma) can help u to boost breast milk

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Drink more soup, eat fenugreek if required.