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Hi mummies im just give birth, my milk is getting low, i hv been consume lactations tea- lactation cookies and been pump many times per day but still low even i drinking alot of water a day and hot milo. Any suggestions if i go to see doctor in poly to get a supplement for milk booster supply?

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Ditch the lactation products. Might be the cause of your low supply. I was told to take fenugreek & same like you I had a very low supply and even gastric pain, I end up giving fm to my baby. Try eating oats instead. Keep latching and pump for 10-15 mins after your baby have latch. The more demand from your baby, the more supply you'll get.

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please check if you had eaten milk killer food. you can eat more milk booster food. please check the products you eat does it have fenugreek not every mama can take it. some took it and have decreased in milk. do more skin to skin nursing it helps

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Does your baby breastfeed directly? Usually more demand, more supply.. good luck 💕

drink lots of milk, soup, eat oats, fish, and try do power pumping

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try sweet tea every morning..