Best way to increase milk supply

I have been pumping for a month since i gave birth last month. Milk is getting lesser and lesser. I had to mix feed my baby, mostly formula since my supply is so low. Today after 45mins of pumping i only had 5ml. #pleasehelp I really need to know what is best to increase my milk supply. Also if i consume lactation cookies, after how long does it kick in for me to be able to pump?

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Hi! Firstly to check, are all your pump parts working well n is your flange size correct? Flange size is super duper important! If all that is working well n flange size correct, are you skipping meals? Make sure to stay hydrated n not stress out yourself, other than lactation cookies u can try supplements as well like legendairymilk!

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2y ago

thank you for the information. how do i know if im using the correct size or not?

Hi , there are mamy factors caused the decrease of milk, i.e. flange not be used correctly, too old of pumping machine, not pump regularly, clogged ducts and others. bf figure out the root reasons, taking lactation cookies may have little effect for milk improvement.

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Hey mama, May I ask how old baby is? I see you’ve mentioned you’ve been pumping for a month - would that mean you are 1 months postpartum? Also, can I check if baby is gaining weight well? Further, would you consider direct latching?

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2y ago

my baby is mostly on formula. we got separately 3 days after birth for 2 weeks as i was down w covid. baby is gaining well. however my milk is decreasing so its rather depressing. i tried massage, lactation tea and cookies but all didnt worked.

hi eat regularly. dont skip any meals or snacks in between. ive always drink vitasoy and eat bread. n been breastfeed for 2 yrs now :)

Need to trial n error. Consuming lactation cookies may not work for everyone..