can i eat raw salmon sashimi like right after i give birth? as in when my fam comes to visit me in the hospital can i consume it?

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Actually I asked this question to my family. But they told me I only can intake after confinement ) : Till now I still thinking of my raw salmon! Yum yum... But have to wait....

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No. Coz you'll be breastfeeding and any illness you get from raw food can pass to your baby as well.

Nope.. Probably have to wait till after confinement

better not. At least wait till after confinement

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I avoided cos we have our wound to heal first.

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Best to refrain until after confinement...

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Better not. I waited for 2-3 months.

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Nope. No raw fish during confinement

Better not take precaution

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Maybe after confinement