Raw Salmon or Sashimi

Any one had Sashimi when pregnant?

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Super Mum

In my opinion it’s ok as long as it’s from a very reputable source where they prepare only when you order. Definitely not sushi kiosks in supermarkets or outlets like umi. And maybe safer after first trimester.

I had aburi version after first trimester. But my gynae gave green light to eat after first trimester. So perhaps u might want to check with ur gynae.

I had strong craving for sushi that I only eat cooked ones or half grilled ones. Didn’t dare to touch sashimi at all

nope.. not advised by doctors.. so tahan until i give birth hahah

Nope, i did not take the risk and endured till after confinement.

Eat and worry for the rest of the pregnancy

Don’t risk it

Don’t do it.