I'm craving for salmon sashimi.. can I eat a little raw fish? And If yes what should I look out for?

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My gynae said that as long as they are handled well and of high quality, chances of contamination is lower. I would suggest to stay away from run of the mill shops like Umi sushi, or sakae. And go for more reputable brands. Of course. This only applies for salmon sashimi. I would strongly suggest refraining from any raw shell fish and other types of fish like tuna for their high mercury content. If you are afraid. You can parboil them in hot water/ soup. Or get the torch flamed kind.

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8y ago

Do note: women in Japan still consume sashimi. With some even recommending as a healthy diet.

I avoided sashimi completely as my husband was strongly against the idea and I was turned off by sashimi during my pregnancy. I know of many mummies who go ahead to eat sashimi in moderation (excluding fishes that contain high levels of mercury) even when pregnant. If you really must eat, please do it at a reputable restaurant which you are confident about their handling of raw fish.

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I avoided all raw food, even half-boiled eggs 😅 Yes, the chances of getting anything is low - but it's still a 50-50 chance. Yes, there are also women in other countries like Japan who still consume it during pregnancy - but not all bodies are the same! Eg. Most Koreans are used to spicy food in their diet daily, while most Japanese are not.

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I had secretly taken salmon sashimi from xxxx which give me food poisoning... Then I tried sushi teh salmon sashimi and I’m alright .. Tried twice and didn’t have the courage to cheat on sashimi for the third time.

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If you really have to eat it, go for places that serve premium quality sashimi and control the amount you are eating. I had 2-3 pieces each time and keeping it to once a month the most.

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It's best to avoid sashimi completely, but I couldn't resist and had a few slices during pregnancy. I even had four pieces of raw oysters. Thankfully, my baby came out healthy.

i would not dare to risk having any issues after eating raw food... im a huge lover for sashimi n raw oysters but i rather endure than regret if anything goes wrong...

Avoid raw food sis ☹️ i missed sashimi and sushi alot when i was pregnant. Iwas rin sa soft drinks and spicy food na too spicy.

I gave in occasionally, and only ate from proper restaurants. i'd add a dash of lemon to it, or you could take it with wasabi.

Yum yum I miss my raw salmon. After giving birth and confinement must treat myself salmon buffet!!