Salmon sashimi

Can we eat salmon sashimi when pregnant?

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I did throughout my pregnancy but in moderate amount. I even went Japan for babymoon. my gynae gave me the green light to eat just that we got to eat those real fresh one usually I will eat in restaurant like sushi tei

I have cravings from the start but resisted till now as idw to take the risk! Actly you can eat as long as its from proper establishments and prepared fresh.

No! Nothing raw or ½ cooked. All your foods must be thoroughly cooked. Some will say they still eat but to each his own.

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Oh no, u can’t eat anything raw or uncooked or half cooked during pregnancy

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I didn't although I have cravings. ate it after pregnancy

please avoid raw or half cooked food.

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My doc says can! But I never did

No, it has to be fully cooked


not advised to but i did

Oh cannot!!!