Eating oysters and salmon sashimi

Hello mommies, may i ask isit safe to consume raw oysters and salmon sashimi? Im still in a very early stage of pregnancy, and im going for buffet dinner tomorrow!

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Pls avoid. My gyane is the no-nonsense kind say as it is yet v chill kind. Her only food to avoid when i ask is - avoid raw food. Cos of the risk of bacteria/contamination, no matter how cleaned the food is. What adult body can tahan, might not be same for baby body.

Don’t do it. Any raw food, just don’t. Avoid eating buffet as well as the risk of food contamination is higher.

Pls avoid raw food esp when this is quite fragile development stage

not worth the risk, no matter how tempting it seems!

It is not advisable to have raw items in your meals

Not allowed to consume until you get delivered

Best to avoid! :)

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Please avoid…

Please avoid.

i wouldn't