Safe to eat raw/ half cooked food after giving birth

Hello mummies, can I ask how Long after giving birth do you all start to eat half cooked food like steak, and raw food like sashimi? Thanks!

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Had sashimi right after giving birth. Literally in the hospital shortly after pushed to ward after delivery. Also went for omakase during confinement period. It’s ok, after delivery the issue is more of mother getting food poisoning. But avoid fish w high mercury levels like tuna n swordfish - this does get passed onto baby thru bfing

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U should avoid if breastfeeding or have to eat at those atas restaurant that can make sure those raw foods are well prepare

I would think avoid raw food for the time being. However, your gynae will give the best advice.

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You may fiNd this article helpful

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I eat them after my one month confinement! :)


I had sashimi right after confinment haha

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It should be safe after confinement ends.

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Better not, as if you are breastfeeding

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After confinement period u can start

After confinement period