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Which diaper pants can absorb better
Need to buy pants instead of tape diapers. Just wondering which brand and model of diaper pants can absorb better? Pls let me know which brand and models u have tried and which u feel can absorb bette
Huggies plat, pampers premium
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Huggies gold. Absorbs well enough, price is acceptable with online sales/coupons
Pampers premium. Affordable when purchased online and it works for me
Muny pojo
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get samples, not all kid can use the same brand
Overseas holidays for 21 months old twins
Any suggestions where to bring 21mo twins to? Probably 3-5 days. 2 adults bringing 2 toddlers.
Taiwan? Bali?
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Nearby to either Batam, bintan or Malaysian cities such as Penang, KL, Melaka or JB
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Nearby countries like Penang or Thailand
Australia !!
What age can your toddler sleep by himself?
Meaning no patting. No rocking. No need to sleep with them. Basically don’t need your presence to fall asleep.
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Preferably after one year old
Sorry to add on, need some patting before that but thereafter sleep through the night For lights off and sleep ownself, more of 2 yo
First one: 4mo Second one: 7mo Some sleep training done, of course it also depends on the baby too!
Depends on individual kids actually. Some can sleep on their own by 1 year old without carrying and patting to sleep. There are others who need to carry and rock till 3 years plus.
Mine sleep thru the night when she was 6 months old. Fell asleep on her own, no patting, rocking needed. I think sleeping pattern for every child is different.
Messy eaters
Hi. My kids are messy eaters. Always drop biscuits or other food on the floor. What can I use to put on floor so I can dispose after meals and no need to clean up so much? Where can I get?
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Suggest you get a powerful hand held vacuum cleaner. Just vacuum the area after meals
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How about large absorbent pads?
Which oven brand and model is good and not too ex? As I don’t think I will be using it very often, so don’t want to invest in sth that’s too ex. Can also share how much it costs besides the brand and
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Can check those out from Shopee
Which is worse?
It’s advisable to talk to your kids at their eye level. So shall I bend down and hurt my lower back or shall I squat and hurt my knees? 🤔
Have your child on your lap, prop them up on a cushion if need be. Hope this helps!
sit together?
Eh y nt seat ur kids down and sit down next to them?
Can sit on sofa or get a short stool
You can sit on sofa though. I think bending down is worse then squatting
Knee protection
How to protect your knees since you always need to bend down to talk or play with your kids?
Exercising them would help mummy
Do proper knee exercises
Yea I have knee problem ever since give birth the first child three years ago. Can't bend or put pressure on my knee. Taking glucosamine now.
Exercise , milk and have more calcium related products
Good to have knee guard , for protection
Anyone using europace portable dishwasher? Can share info on water/electricity consumption? whether it’s easy to use? N need special detergent or capsules for washing? Any other brands that you would
I recommend Bosch. It’s good but a bit expensive though
Hi, You can get full product information on the eurospace website. You can also have the at the look at the video here
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Hi... you can get product information from europace website.
Swimming schools
Which swimming school for 18 months babies will you recommend and why? Staying at Serangoon areas.
Little splashes! V close just behind serangoong stadium
Play groups
Where can I find 2-3 hours, once or twice a week kind of playgroups?
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I loved the MyGym programme for my kids. They have branches all over Singapore
Try startots playgroup. Many locations.
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Hi... where do you stay? I would suggest that you choose playgroups nearby your house.