Can i ask any of your husband give you mummies money even you yourself is working? My husband dont .. no matter how much he earn, he doesnt give me money. Even buy things for lo, he doesnt even give money. Expect me to pay myself for our lo things..

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No.He doesn't give me any money.even i stay at home for take care kids. Buy lo stuff even groceries, sometime i buy myself because i earn from selling online. For my personal things buy make up,toiletries,going saloon when New years. i never get a single cents from him. i feels like treated unfair as wife 😔

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4y ago

Ya same. All he does is just then rental of the flat and utility bills. Like 2 bills only. And i have to use my own salary to buy lo's monthly milk, diapers etc. And even household stuff also i buy.. ever since i have our lo, i didnt buy any stuff for myself at all. New year, i just bought 1 dress and a pair of shoes for myself thats all. But he can spend afew $100 on himself for clothes.. all he think is my money is my money . His money is his money. So i have to use my own money to buy whatever thing and he can keep his money...

my ex hub doesnt give me allowance for household, let alone give my mom money cause we are staying under my parent's roof and bills on my dad and moreover my mom is taking care and paying groceries for my kids.. i told him u zillion times of money issue but always reply stuff like he bring us out to eat and note that he is like not doing it 3 or 4 times a month and yes he does pay for lo stuff and i have 2 kids.. he pay like 1/3 of sch fees and i 2/3.. diapers not always he buy.. sometimes me or him.. baby wipes also.. milk powder for elder ones also my mom buy.. so i think is ur hub should at least helps to pay for lo stuff.. then what does he spend money on u exactly?

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4y ago

My husb only pay 2 bills and nothing else. Lo's stuff all i purchase using my own money.. my salary is low. Once i purchase lo's stuff and settle my bills, i only left for like monthly food.. i cant get anything for myself or even pamper myself at all. Household stuff also i buy.. ask for money, always give one face.. even weekend he doesnt even bring us out for good food.. all we does is mix with in law for dinner everytime. So that my husband dont hve to pay a cent..

i feel that this has to be educated. i used to be earning near double of what my husband is earning but still i will split accordingly and sometimes i will ask him to buy things for me or money. i told him its compensation for the emotional loss as we were not on a very smooth sail. they will or might give u a face but i choose to ignore that part totally.

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4y ago

well my relationship with the husband isnt those sweet sailing type. it took me five years to realise what kind of person he is. laying hands on me time after time and overly egoisic. didnt really bothered to mention the whole story but thats what made me do it.

i wont say that he should give you money. but finances should be transparent to me. it's a family not an individual after all. and bills should be divided. lo things should be divided as well. however if hub is earning comfortably then he should pay for everything.

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4y ago

Rental and utility is a lot of money! It sound like you have bad financial management, maybe you should keep track of your personal finances.

No. My husband doesn't give me any money. Yes including buying of LO things like Clothes, bottles and accessories. Diapers and Milk he handles the payment. So i feel that is fair

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Quite apart for the stuff for LO. Just curious why do you expect him to give you money or why do you think you are entitled?

3y ago

Er what do you mean? If a Husband and Wife discussed and agree Wife should be sahm, of course Wife should get an allowance. What's more the poser of this question Husband doesn't even pay for the baby's items!

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He doesn’t, but I am ok with it. I handle usual household and baby expenses while he takes on major expenses e.g. baby’s hospitalization, furnitures, etc. He also gives his folks monthly allowance.


You need to share cost of raising your child. He should contribute.

Same! Have the same kind of husband as well!!!!

Sometimes I do.