Can i ask any of your husband give you mummies money even you yourself is working? My husband dont .. no matter how much he earn, he doesnt give me money. Even buy things for lo, he doesnt even give money. Expect me to pay myself for our lo things..

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No.He doesn't give me any money.even i stay at home for take care kids. Buy lo stuff even groceries, sometime i buy myself because i earn from selling online. For my personal things buy make up,toiletries,going saloon when New years. i never get a single cents from him. i feels like treated unfair as wife 😔

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4y ago

Ya same. All he does is just then rental of the flat and utility bills. Like 2 bills only. And i have to use my own salary to buy lo's monthly milk, diapers etc. And even household stuff also i buy.. ever since i have our lo, i didnt buy any stuff for myself at all. New year, i just bought 1 dress and a pair of shoes for myself thats all. But he can spend afew $100 on himself for clothes.. all he think is my money is my money . His money is his money. So i have to use my own money to buy whatever thing and he can keep his money...