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3 month baby daytime nap
Hi mummies! How many hours does your 3 month old baby nap during the daytime?
Clogged milk ducts
How do you mummies sleep with clogged milk ducts? I always experience it quite often and its so painful to the point that i cannot sleep. It affects my rest and also sleep at night. My mind wont be at
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Sorry to hear that, blocked ducts shouldn't happen so often and if its so painful it could be mastitis, have you checked with a gynae/LC? Sometimes you might need to take antibiotics to get rid of it.
Use hot compress, massage and apply pressure on the lumps when pump. I also taking lecithin to help with the clogged milk ducts but I find most effective is to pump round the clock. I wake up twice at
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My wife take sunflower lecithin religiously and it helps
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I’ll force myself to wake up to pump
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Pump it out.
Mixed fed newborn poop
Hi mummies... any of you mix feed (breastmilk + formula) your newborn babies? How often do they poop?
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Bm in the day fm at night. My baby poop 3-4 times
I fed BM in the day and formula at night. My LO still poop Everyday
Baby movements
Hi! Any of u felt baby moving/kicking in your bump, but once hubby puts his hands, baby stops? Would love to hear your experiences!
Hahahha! Yes! But this time he can feel it cos baby kicks are stronger. See even see through the dress or tee shirt im wearing. 🤣
Yes every time
Me! I haveta video record it to prove to my husband🤣
Yes! Everytime.. when i ask my husb put his hand on my bump, baby will auto stop kicking and moving.. 😂
Yes! Cos they can feel it's a different person haha
BBQ during pregnancy
Hi! Would it be safe during pregnancy to attend a BBQ gathering? And consuming the BBQ food?
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I try to avoid
As long is fully cooked ... its ok
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It’s fine as long as it is fully cooked
It's find. Just make sure is fully cooked and ensure food is fresh. Which I assume is since is at a guest place. I also hold frequent bbq party at my place.
In moderation ok
Itchy spots on body
I'm 14 weeks now and I had developed alot of - not so sure what to call it, spots? hives? rashes? - developing on my body, esp my upper thighs, back, chest, and both my arms. It was really itchy when
Hi there, I would suggest that you should consult your gynae as soon as things get worst.
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You should ask the doctor about this. I get acne/pimples (and I’m 16 weeks). And also a rash developed on the back of my neck without me knowing, started bleeding and now scabbing over.
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Hi... I would suggest that you visit your gynecologist to get treatment and medications