Do you ask for personal money from your husband/partner? I'm a SAHM and he lives abroad even before we had a baby. When I got pregnant, he asked me to stop working but the thing is I hate this kind of feeling that I have to depend on him when it comes to money. I've been very independent before having a baby and now, I feel like I can't buy whatever I want. How do you deal with this?

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my husband gives me $500 every month.. :)
i know how u feel about asking him for money. even if he is willing, but we just don't like the feeling of Asking money.You can try finding home base job to get some side income for yourself!
anothing wrong in asking if he is financially doing well. otherwise you may want to look for home based job to keep yourself occupied and.have some income.of your own.
I will be a SAHM soon because I will be taking care of our baby. In our family budget, I have a fix monthly allowance (even now that I am working) which I can use for things that I want to buy or I ca
Same here. I hate the thought of having to ask for money. Your husband might allow you to work from home. This way, you have your own money and you are with your baby.