Do you ask for personal money from your husband/partner? I'm a SAHM and he lives abroad even before we had a baby. When I got pregnant, he asked me to stop working but the thing is I hate this kind of feeling that I have to depend on him when it comes to money. I've been very independent before having a baby and now, I feel like I can't buy whatever I want. How do you deal with this?

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my husband gives me $500 every month.. :)

i know how u feel about asking him for money. even if he is willing, but we just don't like the feeling of Asking money.You can try finding home base job to get some side income for yourself!

anothing wrong in asking if he is financially doing well. otherwise you may want to look for home based job to keep yourself occupied and.have some income.of your own.

I will be a SAHM soon because I will be taking care of our baby. In our family budget, I have a fix monthly allowance (even now that I am working) which I can use for things that I want to buy or I can simply save it.

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Same here. I hate the thought of having to ask for money. Your husband might allow you to work from home. This way, you have your own money and you are with your baby.

Yes, it seems that it is really hard to ask for money from your husband (especially if you're like me who is pretty prideful. Lol.) but you can't do much about it since he was the one who suggested you stop working. May I suggest that if you really hate the feeling of asking for money you should try and convince your hubby to let you work again. Even if it is just home based. :)

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I see myself in the analogy of Charm, my husband is like that. He gives me an amount which I can choose to spend or not. But still, I have those thoughts as yours. Sometimes I deprived myself of what I really want because Im ashamed to spend money which I didn't earned. I only spend if he's with me, for our child's needs and our needs as a family. Well, I try to find home-based jobs but he didn't allow me to work (I guess for now that we still have a toddler).

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My former boss shared to me his set up with his wife. He has been the breadwinner since they had their youngest child. What he does is he gives a portion of his salary to his wife as an "allowance or gift" for taking good care of the kids and the household. That is apart from what he gives to his wife as budget for the family. His wife's allowance is none of his business anymore. She can spend it wherever she wants and she can even give it to her family because it's her own money according to my boss. From that money, his wife is also able to save to buy gifts for them during special occasions. :)

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All stay-at-home-moms go through this feeling one time or the other. I think the key is to pursue your hobbies or interest and pick up some skill based courses that would help you earn your pocket money atleast. You should take up some work from home options or some online business and it will boost your confidence and will also keep you happy.

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3y ago

overseas jobs?

I understand how you feel. I'm currently on sabbatical for the last 2 years (ending soon, thank goodness, never again!) and being so used to earning my own income and having alot of spending power, I do feel sad about the state of my income but never enough to ask from my partner. Since he is paying for all the big bills for now, even if I have difficulties with my own expenses, I will not and have not asked him -- I find a way out (usually through freelance work or part time work). Not because he won't help or anything like that, more of my ego and pride. I have earned my own money since 17 and I just cannot bring myself to ask him for money even if he says it's okay :(

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