Can i ask any of your husband give you mummies money even you yourself is working? My husband dont .. no matter how much he earn, he doesnt give me money. Even buy things for lo, he doesnt even give money. Expect me to pay myself for our lo things..

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i feel that this has to be educated. i used to be earning near double of what my husband is earning but still i will split accordingly and sometimes i will ask him to buy things for me or money. i told him its compensation for the emotional loss as we were not on a very smooth sail. they will or might give u a face but i choose to ignore that part totally.

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4y ago

well my relationship with the husband isnt those sweet sailing type. it took me five years to realise what kind of person he is. laying hands on me time after time and overly egoisic. didnt really bothered to mention the whole story but thats what made me do it.