My Husband checks out chicks when we are out together. He says its normal and no big deal. I think it's a total dick move. Am I being sensitive?

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I won't feel good too. I think it is inevitable guys will check out chicks. I mean even I sometimes look at pretty girls too and of course good looking guys though it is harder to come by good looking guys in Singapore :) Men are visual creatures. I think if your husband checks out girls but he tries to do it secretly or be tries not to be so obvious about it , I will think he at least respect your feelings. If he is doing it very obviously like turning his head or staring for a long time then I won't feel good and I will tell him off. Let him know how u feel and tell him that he should try not to do it so obviously or should cut down on it. To get him to stop looking may not be easy but he should at least tone down on it .

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Oh. Itz perfectly normal for guys to do tiz. Wheneva we r out together, he will look at pretty ladies. I even tell him tat there is a pretty lady there. Lol. Together, we will observe n i will listen to his comments. Sometimes he will say,aiyo.. Not pretty la.. Lol. I will choose to purposely say tat lady is pretty when she is actually not so, so tat it seems to be a joke n we laugh together! Ok. Itz mean but it really helps to make ur relationships better! So, y not!😄

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I think most guys will do that, but I don’t think you are being sensitive. I feel that if you’re ok with it, then it’s fine! I prefer him to tell me n we ogle at hot chicks tgth than maybe secretly have some lewd thoughts going on in his head. That’s disgusting I think! But If he knows you don’t like it yet still dont try to curb himself abit then I would say it’s pretty disrespectful!

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Man are partly to blame because they don't put enough effort for woman to check them out.. If the same amount of handsome man and beautiful woman on the street. I believe both husband and wife will be checking them out =x Jokes aside, is quite normal but that doesn't mean he is right. Sadly there is no way out of it, he most likely is the same before you marry him.

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I don't feel good too. Last time my husband use to check out chicks when we were dating but now he don't really care about them. Sometime the chicks is just right in front of him he also have no choice but to see. So maybe try to take it easy as long as he is not too over is still okay. Talk to him about how you feel and how it bother you.

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I think if u are not comfortable abt it u should voice out and purely u can tell him to actually be respectful but on the other hand maybe u can join in the conversation on talking abt hot guys to him to let him feel the pinch of it.. hehe... is this or tat hehe..

He does it all the time you are together? That is far from normal. Its understandable if it just happens once or twice because its human tendency to look at someone attractive. He really should change his behaviour or you'll suffer a lot emotionally.

Recently i noticed my hub doing that too when we are out. He check chicks out and i follow him lo. Actually quite nice to see, cos everytime see from the back like wow.. so pretty, then later when turn around, almost fainted.. can be quite fun

I won't like it. But this shows that he is normal. I will speak out loud to let him know that I know he is checking out chicks or maybe check it out together with him? So next time when he spot "something" u know it. Its gd to know ur enemy

You are not. Sadly, it's a very normal instinct for guys to look at girls. My hubby does too, so I look together with him and he would turn away. You can maybe check out beefcakes and make comments about them in front of your hubby!