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My Husband just said he has no fun in his life except playing mobile games after getting there. When I asked him to explain himself he said let's not go there. I feel damn hurt by his statement. I love our kid and family and while it's tiring to be a parent I definitely think it's fun. :(

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Does he usually say random hurtful things like this? If no, then he is probably feeling the stress of being a parent. Not all of us love the experience and for some, it could be a tad stressful. Be his sounding board and see how he can feel more included in the whole experience. Maybe there are things that you are doing that he can take over. Maybe your baby is closer to you and he feels dejected. If he is a guy who always says meaningless hurtful things, you need to tell him that it's not ok to do this - especially when it concerns your baby and family.

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So this should definitely be discussed - if you don't know what's wrong, it's hard to fix and be happy again. Perhaps he's feeling left out, or perhaps he's exhausted (are there external pressures like work playing on his mind)? Maybe schedule a romantic date somewhere for just the 2 of you (or night away) so you can sit in a neutral environment and discuss - it's hard to play mobile games in a fancy restaurant! If that doesn't work, perhaps counselling. Hope you fix things :-/

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5y ago

Could it be that something’s bothering at work? Might want to find out more on that.

You should probe further into the issue. Did your husband really mean it when he said it? Is he under too much stress. Both of you should have a me time together for a while where you should discuss the matter. If it becomes a serious issue, better get a counsellor.