Have your husband ever complain that your mum is helping too much with the baby that he feels unhappy? He’s thankful that my mum is willing to help but unhappy that my mum will take baby away when he’s trying to soothe her himself. What should I do? Quite tiring to get caught in between.

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Oh dear I'm scared of this too . But cause it's your mom it's better for u to tell her that give your hubby look after n bond with baby since he is around . It's quite rude for grandparents to keep snatching babies away from the baby father unless he is a jerk . It would be better for u to tell ur own mom rather than he tell ur mom . Like sometimes I tell my husband wad I'm not happy with his mother ,I expect him to talk to her nicely n problem solved at least we try to solve it n not just live with it . But for me if he doesn't want to talk to his mother , ive alrdy gave him chance to explain to her but he doesn't want , I'll just go straight to her n tell her but things might turn out bad . So I feel it's always best if we talk to our own parents first . If they doesn't listen than I feel both of u shud talk to them .

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I feel that your hubby should have priority over his kids. You should be glad that your hubby is willing to look after them, not every father does that. If your mum is afraid he is new to it, all the more she should let your hubby learn and guide him. But not take the kids away from him. Imagine his mum doing that to you; you’ll definitely feel hurt.

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Your mum helping out is a kind act., but need to be in moderation as well, when daddy is doing his job, then its better to let daddy continue. This can get tricky as once parent comes in picture, they lost control on trying to do everything forgetting their boundaries...

Hi, Have a chat with your mum about it if you also feel this way. Since it is your mum, she will understand . Also have a chat with your husband also separately telling him that your mum just does that to take care of the baby in the best way possible.

I'll have a chat with the both of them separately. And let your mum know that maybe she should let your husband learn to take care of baby? She's probably just worried your hubby dunno what to do so let her be a mentor and guide him?

i understands how your husband feel as i feel the same way with my mil.. my husband just tell his mom how I feel but she doesnt care anyway lol she still takes my baby as tho I'm incapable of caring for my lo myself...

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Talk to your mum about it but don't tell her that your husband is unhappy. Just tell her to give you and your husband more time to take care/play with the baby. Say you want more bonding time with baby.

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Maybe try talking to your mom about it. But I think you should also speak to your husband that your mom is just trying to help. Also it's a blessing to have grandparents around to help out(:

Maybe can let your mum know that your hubby want to have more involvement with the babies. I believe the parent would understand that

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I think this scenario is pretty common. Just share with ur mummy that ur hubby want more time for bonding with the baby.