Doing confinement on our own

Just ranting. My husband and I wanted to do confinement on our own without the unsolicited advice from the others. But my mum insisted on moving in for a month because many other relatives pressured her of not helping and she thinks that we cannot do it on our own. We are very grateful for her offer but we would really like to try to work things out on our own and yes we know that it’ll be very tiring after birth and all. We’ve also mentioned that we will ask for help when we need them. But now that I’ve insisted on asking my mum not to move in, she is very unhappy about it and is now my fault for all the unhappiness. Haiz.

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We sure have some 'bad' times with our mum. Good that you have already explained & also good that you're trying to handle things on your own. Afterall, it's your baby but remember to always ask for help if you cannot cope. I remember I only know how to handle my baby on my 3rd birth. My mum handled everything for me when I gave birth to my 1st & 2nd child. From bathing to burping, everything except for feeding time. It was so awkward to handle my 3rd baby, I literally felt like crying! But mum came by and helped me for the 1st few days until she thinks that I am able to handle on my own, of course with my husband's help. I really regretted not learning everything with my 1st child. Mums have soft heart. Well, most mums do. They will be okay after some time. You just try to call her and ask her if she's ok, apologise if need to and once again try to explain why you choose to handle things on your own. Hopefully she'll understand and be back on good terms with you.

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