Have your husband ever complain that your mum is helping too much with the baby that he feels unhappy? He’s thankful that my mum is willing to help but unhappy that my mum will take baby away when he’s trying to soothe her himself. What should I do? Quite tiring to get caught in between.

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Oh dear I'm scared of this too . But cause it's your mom it's better for u to tell her that give your hubby look after n bond with baby since he is around . It's quite rude for grandparents to keep snatching babies away from the baby father unless he is a jerk . It would be better for u to tell ur own mom rather than he tell ur mom . Like sometimes I tell my husband wad I'm not happy with his mother ,I expect him to talk to her nicely n problem solved at least we try to solve it n not just live with it . But for me if he doesn't want to talk to his mother , ive alrdy gave him chance to explain to her but he doesn't want , I'll just go straight to her n tell her but things might turn out bad . So I feel it's always best if we talk to our own parents first . If they doesn't listen than I feel both of u shud talk to them .

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